Brand Awareness:

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brand a·ware·ness


"The extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of business, goods or services".


The consumer's ability to recognize or recall a brand is central to purchasing decision-making. This starts at the very beginning. Finding new customers starts with prospecting and then transitions into an introduction to your brand / company.  By providing your future customers with branded marketing materials each time you meet, you leave a continual calling card and lasting memory of you, your business, and conversation. Branded marketing materials also help increase prospecting success by more than 55%, as sales persons are more likely to cold call on a business if they have a branded gift to leave rather than not having anything to leave but a business card. Branded materials also help you gain future meetings and build lasting relationships which in return help retain customers. 

Next time you are in your office, someone else’s office, or in your very own home, look around and see what you have that has a logo branded on it. You may be very surprised how you are unknowingly a user and customer of branded products. Why not take a step out and have others recognize you and your business brand for the quality and services you provide. We promise results and can create an affordable plan on most any budget. 

Work with our team of industry experts to develop strategies using effective marketing tools and materials that deliver proven incremental revenue, while you increase your customer footprint and continually drive sales among your expanding audience.